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Understanding the Various Types of Cricket Betting Lines Ahead of IPL 2023

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In India, betting on cricket is as popular as ever. Seeing your favorite team or player set a new record is an exhilarating experience. Most of our readers, though, are cricket betting novices who might use some pointers before they actually hop into the best online cricket betting sites in India. If that specifically describes you at the moment, you’ve come to the right place.

Cricket Completed Match

You can place a straightforward bet on one-day matches simply wagering that the game will end within 24 hours. You need to learn the method and focus on the analysis side of things because it entails the correct kind of risks.

If you want to place this wager, you’ll need to take into account and understand a wide range of factors, including the weather, player performance, score, pitch report, and more. Proceed with your investigation before making this wager.

Cricket Match Betting

The simplicity and lack of complexity of this wager make it the most popular option. The only thing you have to do is choose one of three possible outcomes based on what you know about them. Possible results include a victory for the home team, a victory for the visiting team, or a tie.

You can pick the one you think will work out best by studying the situation and focusing your attention there.

Cricket Three-Way Betting

A good technique to guarantee a return from a match even if the side you bet on does not win is to place a three-way bet. You are basically wagering on whether a certain team will win, lose, or draw a given game. Three-way betting is an extremely popular betting market at any best online cricket betting sites in India.

Cricket Double Chance Bets

You’re not entirely certain of the likelihood of your IPL prediction coming true, so you back the underdog to win. Double Chance betting provides an additional opportunity to win in such a situation by accounting for two distinct outcomes.

By placing this wager, you are essentially betting on one team to win and draw, with the understanding that you will collect in all other outcomes barring a defeat. This is a hedge against taking unnecessary risks, such as betting on an underdog to win outright.

Cricket Top Batter or Top Bowler

Betting on the best bowler and the best batsman to score the most runs is exactly what the name implies.

Since this is a specialized wager, research must be done in order to make an informed decision about which player, from the available starting xi, to back in the game. A wager can then be placed and action taken in the expectation of a large payoff.

Cricket Innings Runs

There’s also a wager called “innings runs,” in which you try to guess how many runs will be scored in the first inning. It’s a novel wager that can help you get off to a logical start, and you can find it in most sportsbooks.

You need only pick a number from those offered by the sportsbooks and bet on it. Despite appearances, this is not a simple process and will require your undivided attention to get underway.

Cricket Draw No Bet

When placing a wager on a cricket match, many punters choose the Draw No Bet option so they may get their money back if their prediction is wrong. In this case, a draw would result in a refund of the original wager.

Since cricket is the only sport where a match may span five days and yet result in a draw, this option is particularly useful in a Test cricket match. Just as a powerful team can draw from an advantageous position due to bad weather or poor bowling, the opposite can also be true.


Like with most things, establishing solid groundwork when betting on cricket is crucial. To learn what games are open for wagering, you can either rewatch old matches or read the news. The game of cricket features a wide variety of bets, not all of which have been covered here.You should start learning about these wagers now so that you can be well-prepared for the next competition. Make sure to pick the best online cricket betting sites India to enjoy all of these cricket betting lines!