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Fantasy Cricket, an online strategy game, allows players to create virtual teams of real cricketers who compete in actual tournaments all around the world. Points are provided based on the extent to which the players perform in real-life competitions.


To defeat the other team, you have to put together a winning team, including eleven players from all the teams playing on any given day. Dream11 is one of India's top fantasy cricket sites. You may also use their mobile app to place bets on cricket matches through their website.


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List of Cricket Betting Sites in India (2024)





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The Popularity of Fantasy Cricket in the Indian Market

The online betting platform dominates the majority of the Indian gaming sector. Predictions indicate that the fantasy sports market will be worth 1,65,000 crore rupees by fiscal year 25.


This renders fantasy sports one of the most profitable gaming niches. India is making extraordinary progress in the fantasy sports game market, which had just a few platforms in 2016 but currently has over 300 providers.


The Indian Premier League grabbed the cricket world by fire in 2008, even though fantasy cricket has been around for a long time.


Therefore, the term "fantasy cricket" gained popularity. While fantasy sports have progressed and extended to cover other sports throughout time, fantasy cricket remains the most renowned field.


Likewise, Dream11 advocated for the accomplishments of other national gaming geniuses this year. The fantasy sports business in India is prospering, mainly thanks to websites like Dream11, which draw millions of fantasy cricket online enthusiasts every day.


Scoring System in Fantasy Cricket

Simply getting selected for your fantasy cricket team's first eleven earns you four points. Your chosen cricketer will receive double the points as your TATA IPL Fantasy Cricket Team's captain, while his second-in-command will receive half that number.


Fantasy points change slightly between cricket formats. In Twenty20 Internationals, bowlers with efficiency rates of less than five runs per over receive six points.


However, in Test cricket, the economy rate is zero. The same applies in Test matches: if a hitter gets bowled for a duck, four points are deducted. However, if it happens in a T10 or T20 tournament, you will lose two points.


Who is Dream11?

In Indian fantasy cricket, users compete in an online game by selecting a team of eleven cricketers who play for their league in the virtual world. Selecting players who perform effectively on the field will allow you to accumulate points in the scoring system, which can result in real-money awards.


Thus, in the internet-based version of Indian fantasy cricket, your profits are exactly proportional to the number of points earned by your fantasy team players.


Before the game's deadline, you're given an infinite amount of time to make changes to your team's lineup. To see all of your formed teams, navigate to the "My Teams" section of the match page. If you find yourself on the winning side, your contest profits will be credited to your account when the match finishes.


Play Fantasy Cricket Online in Different Ways 

The fascinating thing about playing fantasy cricket online is the fact that you can play the game in four types of contests, including:


Private contests - Also refer to exclusive ones, these are invite-only and often played with a small circle of friends. The entrance fee and prize pool are determined by the developer of the contest and the number of competitors.


Practice contests- commonly referred to as free contests or tutorial games, are for newcomers who wish to learn more about Fantasy cricket. Entrants in such contests are not entitled to receive any reward money. 


The Mega Contests - this type of contest has the potential to take place even if the requisite number of slots have not been filled. The reward money is also the greatest among all contests. Typically, there will be only one mega contest for each match.


Public contests: Not every public contest has a promise to take place; if the requisite number of slots remain vacant, the entrance money will be returned to the participant. If a contest reaches 100%, a new competition will be established immediately.


Helpful Hints for Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

If you would like to be the top player in fantasy cricket, you must understand how to assemble an effective roster of eleven players with Fantasy Cricket advice. Putting up a great fantasy cricket squad does not imply that you need to just select the best players you see. The most successful fantasy cricket squad must include bowlers and hitters who are consistent.


It is essential to understand the player's efficiency and performance. This is because when assessing a player, it is vital to consider both their present and past performance, as well as their status as a cornerstone of the game.


The pitch represents one of the most significant factors influencing the outcome of a match. The pitch's behavior may and can change during a match. However, it is wise to plan ahead of time.


Make Your Dreams Come True with Fantasy Cricket at TopCricketBettingSite

In Indian Fantasy Cricket events, Dream11 is the perfect example. It will include everything a cricket fan could desire to get their pulse pumping! Dream League Cricket Tips are things you should be aware of. Dream11 offers coverage of all major cricket events, including Twenty20 contests.


Cricket has grown in popularity over the last few decades, and for many Indians, it is both entertainment and a lifeline. For everyone looking for the ultimate fantasy team, TopCricketBettingSite is the most comprehensive website to discover the top cricket betting sites and fantasy cricket advice for the Dream11 forecast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online game where you create a virtual team of real cricket players and earn points based on their performance in actual matches. The key to winning a tournament is to score the highest number of points and secure the top spot on the leaderboard.


Is it legal and safe to play Fantasy Cricket in India?

Yes, in most parts of India, playing Fantasy Cricket is legal. The reason behind this is that the courts have labeled it a "game of skill" instead of gambling. This is because it requires knowledge and strategy to build your dream team.


Can I win real money by playing Fantasy Cricket?

Certainly! You have the opportunity to participate in fantasy cricket and earn cash regularly! Simply select an upcoming cricket match, pick a team, make a deposit, and join the tournament.