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When playing cricket, each side of the game features eleven players. Each team's captain will do a toss before the game begins, and the side that comes out on top will get to choose whether they will "Bat" or "Ball" first. Overs and innings are the two main components of a cricket match. There are a total of six balls in an over, and several overs make up an inning.


Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) represent their respective countries in cricket matches played on a global stage. Matches in the Test, One-Day, and Twenty20 formats are the most common. As a cricket punter, it’s not enough to find the best cricket online betting sites in India. Allow TopCricketBettingSite to fill you in with everything else you need to know about cricket tournaments.

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A Quick History of Cricket Tournaments

England, Australia, and South Africa were the original members of the ICC when it was established in 1909. There was a Test cricket tournament in 1912 between the three nations, but due to unfavorable weather in England and low spectator turnout, the event was never repeated.


Until the One-Day International (ODI) format became popular in the 1960s, when it was first used in English-county cricket, teams all over the globe played bilaterally.


In 1973, the International Women's Cricket Council—later amalgamated with the ICC—organized the first Cricket World Cup, which was a women-only competition.


Available Formats for International Cricket Tournaments

It is vital to be familiar with the format of every major international cricket competition. Cricket betting fans have a lot to learn about each form, but we're here to make it easy for you to comprehend. You should be familiar with the three most common formats.


Test Cricket

Over the course of a five-day test, each side gets two innings. The duration of a single day in test cricket is 90 overs. Before the fifth and final day ends, one side must pursue the other's designated target.


Batting first in a Test match gives their side the freedom to declare with any score they like. The other team then takes the field to bat, trying to score more runs than the team that batted first.


A side can take what is called a "lead" in Test cricket if they can score more runs than the other team that bats first. They can declare at any point or continue playing until they are eliminated from the game if they take the lead.


One Day International Cricket (ODI)

A form of cricket known as the one-day international (ODI). One innings, consisting of fifty overs, is played by each side. At the conclusion of each day, one team must pursue the objective.


Except in extreme weather or when play is stopped because of poor lighting, one-day internationals usually end with a score. The vibrant jerseys worn by the players add a splash of color to the already exciting atmosphere of One Day Internationals, which are sometimes played under the bright lights of night floodlights. The format of one-day internationals is considered novel in cricket.


Twenty20 International

A few more names for it include the quickest and shortest way to play cricket. One innings, consisting of twenty overs, is played by each side. At the conclusion of each day, one team must pursue the objective.


Players from all over the globe compete for regional teams in India in the India Premier League (IPL), a highly renowned and thrilling Twenty20 cricket event. You may watch your favorite cricket format live on some of the popular Indian cricket betting sites that we examined.


Cricket Tournaments Explained

Cricket, like many sports out there, has plenty of domestic and international tournaments that fans can sink their teeth into. Below are some of the most prominent cricket tournaments in the world.


ICC Cricket World Cup

Like many other big sporting tournaments, the Cricket World Cup has a two-part format. Picture it like the World Cup in soccer. The tournament starts with a group stage before going into a knockout round.


Every country gets two points for a victory, one point for a draw, or no point at all when they play each other once. This happens if the teams score the same amount of runs at the end of their innings or if a game is called due to bad weather.


ICC Champions Trophy

In essence, it's a miniature version of the World Cup, played over 50 overs. Although the 2023 World Cup dragged on for more than six weeks, the Champions Trophy is snappy and finished in about two weeks.


Following the 2017 model, the eight teams will be divided into two groups of four for the 2025 event. The top two teams from each pool play each other once before moving on to the semi-finals.


T20 World Cup

Twenty teams will be able to participate in the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 thanks to a revised structure.


There will be four groups of the twenty teams that made it to the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024. Five teams will make up each group. The teams will play each other once in the group round, with the two best teams advancing to the Super 8 after the round.


Ashes Series

When Australia beat England at The Oval on August 29, 1882—the first time England had ever lost on English soil—the nickname "Ashes" was first used. Since since, the two teams have battled it out for "The Ashes," the pinnacle trophy in cricket. The historic series has played 325 tests thus far.


Although England have won 106 times, Australia has 130 wins, putting them ahead of their English rivals. Despite this, 89 games between these two teams have finished in a tie. After winning the 2015 series, England now holds the Ashes.


Champions League Twenty20

After county championship and domestic limited-overs cricket saw a long-term drop in popularity, the England and Wales Cricket Board introduced the Twenty20 Cup in 2003 to revive the sport. In an effort to draw in a younger demographic and increase attendance, the format shortened matches to about three hours. The format quickly gained popularity, and soon cricketing nations were forming their own Twenty20 tournaments.


NatWest series

A Twenty20 cricket match or two versus the visiting side is part of the NatWest Series. Ten One-Day Internationals are now played each season by the home side. England played five matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 2006, with Pakistan resulting in a 2-2 draw and Sri Lanka in a 5-0 loss.


Asia Cup

All games at the 2023 Asia Cup will be 50 overs. All of the matches will be played to a 50-over duration this time around, as opposed to the 20-over and 50-over forms employed in earlier tournaments. All six teams who made the cut will play their group stage and knockout matches in this manner.


Cricket Leagues Explained

Cricket leagues are proof that cricket is a massive global sport with millions of fans in all walks of life. There’s no denying that these leagues have pushed the sport forward, always reinventing and innovating new ways to satisfy fans and athletes alike. Below are some of the most prominent cricket leagues on the planet.


ICC World Cricket League

National teams who did not have Test status (i.e., those with Associate status) competed in a series of international one-day competitions called the ICC World Cricket League (WCL) which was run by the International Cricket Council. The league system, which included a promotion and relegation system between divisions, allowed all Associate Members of the ICC to compete.


Both facilitating Associate Members' access to a Cricket World Cup qualification system and providing a venue for these teams to compete in international one-day matches against others of a comparable caliber were primary goals of the league structure.


Indian Premier League (IPL)

Among the world's wealthiest sports leagues, this professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket competition in India has grown since its 2008 inception. Teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL) play in various major cities around the country and follow a round-robin group-and-knockout system that was created by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).


In 2008, the inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) campaign lasted 44 days and was won by the Rajasthan Royals, a smaller-market franchise led by the legendary Australian bowler Shane Warne. Since its debut season, the IPL has gone a long way.


Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

Each year, the West Indies play host to the Caribbean Premier League, a top-tier Twenty20 tournament. Every year, the best cricket players in the region gather for what is arguably the most exciting contest in the sport: the regional championship.


Despite the CPL's relative youth, there is already a fierce rivalry between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Trinbago Knight Riders.


Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a 2015–established professional Twenty20 cricket league. As far as cricket leagues go, it's up there with the best in the country. Prior to the 2018 addition of a sixth team, there were five teams in the league. Owners and controllers of the teams are individuals. According to data made public by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the inaugural season had a healthy profit of $2.6 million.


Big Bash League (BBL)

The Big Bash League (BBL) is a top-tier Twenty20 cricket competition in Australia. Among the country's most prestigious professional sports leagues. It supplanted the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash tournament in 2011 and was thus officially launched.


The BBL includes eight teams, which is an increase from the previous league's six. Every state capital (with the exception of Sydney and Melbourne) that has two teams is represented by one of these squads. Since the Big Bash League's inception, KFC has been its official sponsor. With an average of 26,528 spectators, it is also the tenth most popular sports league globally.


Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

The Governing Council of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is in charge of the professional Twenty20 cricket league. One of Bangladesh's three professional cricket leagues is the BPL. When it comes to premier league attendance, it ranks sixteenth globally. The league stage takes place throughout the winter, and each team plays each other twice.


In 2011, following the suspension of its parent organization, the 2009/10 National Cricket League Twenty20, the Bangladesh Cricket Board established the Bangladesh Premier League. Dhaka and Chittagong played host to the inaugural season's games in February 2012.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cricket tournaments are there?

The ICC hosts four major cricket tournaments: the World Test Championship, the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. These are the biggest and most spectacular cricket events on the planet, and the countries are doing all they can to win these tournaments.


What is the most prestigious cricket tournament?

The biggest cricket tournament has to be the ICC Cricket World Cup. It is often considered the pinnacle of world cricket, and it is played once every four years, with the first tournament taking place in England back in 1975.


Can I bet on cricket matches?

Absolutely! You can place bets on any of your favorite cricket matches, like the IPL, World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, and other major events, by visiting any of the cricket betting sites featured on TopCricketBettingSite.