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Andar Bahar, sometimes called Katti, is a lovely and simple card game that is purportedly from southern India. It is now offered by a number of Indian live casinos. This opens it up to gamers all throughout the nation!


Andar Bahar uses just one deck of cards and is one of the simplest table games to pick up and play in a casino. Side bets add so much spice to the game, elevating it above a simple coin toss. The main stake is essentially a heads or tails proposition.


While most modern Indian players have a firm grasp on the Andar Bahar rules, they may be missing out on some of the many additional materials that are readily accessible online.


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List of Andar Bahar Sites in India (2024)





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A Look at Andar Bahar

Numerous Indian online casinos now provide even Andar Bahar. The only real difference between the land-based and online versions of Andar Bahar is that the latter is played on digital devices rather than traditional ones. The game begins with the dealer placing one card, face up, in the middle of the table.


The one card is the most important card. Next, they place bets on whether the "Andar" (the interior) or the "Bahar" (the outside) will reveal an identical card.


The Gameplay

Simple is the aim of the Andar Bahar. Andar Bahar's odds of winning are half as high as they would be in a game of chance. Put your money on Andar and Bahar, and when the last matching card is shown, you win!


The payoff is determined by which side of the player is given the first card. If the first card is dealt to the left (Andar), and you win the bet, the payout percentage is 90% (0.9:1). A perfect hand (Bahar) results in a one-to-one payout. The game typically pays out more on extra side bets than on regular bets.


How to Play Andar Bahar

The rules of Andar Bahar may vary from one variant to another, but the game is straightforward and easy to pick up and play regardless. One of the many possible side bets is on the rank or suit of the initial card dealt.


Also known as the "joker" or "middle card," this is the initial card that the dealer deals. The next step is to wager on whether a card of equal value will land on the Andar or Bahar side of the center card. Another option for a side bet is to wager on the total number of cards dealt.


Players place their bets, and the dealer then deals further cards clockwise until he draws a card with a value equal to the middle card. In a standard game with a red center card, the first card (Bahar) travels to the right, and the second card (Sagar) to the left. As a dealer working from a black hole, you should expect to see the following card placed on Bahar after Andar.


Helpful Tips for Andar Bahar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Andar Bahar casino game?

Andar Bahar is a simple game of luck that involves a standard deck of cards. The main objective of the game is to determine whether the Andar or Bahar box will come out on top. To begin, the dealer shuffles the deck and reveals the first card, also known as the Joker.


Afterward, the players place their bets by guessing which group of boxes the Joker card will land in first. Your goal is to correctly choose either Andar or Bahar to win.


Is it safe and legal to play online Andar Bahar in India?

Yes, you can enjoy playing this traditional Indian casino game on the internet. Just remember to choose a legitimate and regulated casino website, like the ones recommended on TopCricketBettingSite.


Can I win real money by playing Andar Bahar?

Absolutely! You have the chance to score some serious moolah by playing this timeless casino game online. With the surge of internet casinos, this game has gained immense popularity. And the icing on the cake? The majority of renowned online casinos now offer live dealer games, which has greatly contributed to their success.