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Best Live Betting Sites 2024

DAFABET - Biggest Sportsbooks In India Not Just For Cricket Betting

160% Up To ₹16,000!


Founded: 2006


+ India’s best cricket betting site and sportsbook-          Limited number of bonuses
+ Top notch sports and casino selection 
+ Excellent live betting platform 
+ Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

 Dafabet is widely acknowledged as the best live betting and top cricket betting sites in India, perhaps even considered the finest, it may pique your curiosity as to why Dafabet has established itself as the foremost destination for online cricket betting India. This thorough assessment delves deeply into Dafabet, scrutinizing its extensive range of features, advantages, and disadvantages, and offering a comprehensive summary of the platform.


BETWAY - Provides The Cricket Betting Experience

Free Bet Up To ₹4,000


Founded: 2006


+ India's top live betting site-          No multi-live betting available
+ Ample live betting alternatives are available 
+ Accepts a variety of quick deposit options 
+ Payouts and exclusive live betting promotions 

 Betway is widely recognized as one of India's top betting sites, if not the best. You may be wondering why Betway has earned the reputation as India's top betting site. In this comprehensive analysis, we'll examine Betway in great detail, covering its many features, benefits, cons, and providing a comprehensive overview of the platform.


  • Betway is considered as the best sportsbooks in India
  • The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Hindi and other languages available
  • Great for live betting
  • Mobile compatibility with Android and iOS devices


BET365 - One Of The Biggest Sports Betting For Cricket In India

Up To ₹4,000 In Bet Credits


Founded: 2006


+ The most renowned betting site worldwide-          No multi-live betting available
+ A wide selection of live betting alternatives in a sportsbook-          No features for multiple live betting
+ Most extensive live streaming service 
+ Alluring Welcome Bonus 

 You've probably aware of Bet365 unless you've resided beneath a rock. There are widely prominent and well-recognized businesses in the betting industry. They are, in other words, the Ratan Tata of the betting business.


They’ve got one of the globe's largest betting sites, covering cricket, football, horse racing, and any other sport you may have heard of. They provide betting in real-time, streaming of live events, and a plethora of daily deals to their loyal players.


So, if you haven't previously tested this excellent online betting service, we strongly advise you to start doing it as soon as possible.


Online Live Betting Sites: The Complete Guide

Live betting is possibly the most enjoyable option to experience both witnessing and betting on the sports that you love. It generates a full-body sensation that enables you to take part in both the live-action and any betting opportunities that occur.


With shifting odds and new betting alternatives at all times of the game, live betting is the rapid gambling experience you're looking for. Most betting sites in India are currently providing live betting services. Yet, the live betting section's efficiency could vary from time to time.


Ultimately, TopCricketBettingSite India provides a thorough introduction to Live Betting Sites, as we strive to present you with a few of the greatest live betting sites in India, their features, and any live betting guidelines that you may seek.


Whether you're a novice to live betting or have previous experience, we're confident you'll find this tutorial quite beneficial.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live betting site?

Live betting is a form of betting service that allows us to make bets on a match as it is taking place. On particular sites, it is known as in-play betting, and it optimizes the pre-match betting experiences as well as the entire online betting engagement.


Live betting continues to rise in prominence in the online betting market and is now available at most betting sites in India. If a bookie fails to provide live betting, it is best to refrain from using their service.


Are online sportsbooks legalized in India?

In India, live betting sites are equally reputable and legal as any other kind of betting site.


Online betting is not banned in the majority of regions in India, despite the fact that certain states in the country have legislation outlawing it.


What is India's leading live betting site?

Live betting is available on nearly each betting website to a particular level. But when it pertains to the live betting experience they provide, several betting sites are clearly superior to others.


Among the top live betting sites in India, in our view, is Dafabet.


In regards to the variety of sporting events you may wager on, they provide greater convenience. Additionally, they make it incredibly simple for Indian gamers to make deposits through their betting platform.


However, signing up on the best cricket betting site is a great choice for newbies. We never consider it as the best if they didn’t offer a minimum deposit and other special perks. Since cricket betting is the most prominent sport in this country, there is no doubt why many players love to place bets at trusted betting sites.


On a site that offers live betting, is there a welcome bonus?

Absolutely, the majority of online live betting companies provide new Indian players with a welcome bonus.


You merely need to register for a player account and make a little deposit on the live betting website in order to qualify for a welcome bonus. The sign-up bonus will promptly transfer to the account you created.


If you’re looking for a betting site, for example, top cricket betting India, you should consider the live betting features and other relevant offers. 


How can I make a deposit on a live betting website?

Money can be deposited on a live betting website in a variety of methods. You can make deposits using online wallets and other payment methods available in India, including UPI, Bank Transfer, AstroPay card, and other options.


Do live betting sites allow for profit-making?

Absolutely, you may earn profit from live betting, but doing so will require a certain amount of good fortune. No matter how informed you are about football, cricket, or other athletic events, you can't control how the games turn out.


Although, by spending some time to properly look into and evaluate the teams, you may improve your probability of success. Additional live betting resources include inside-the-game statistics, cash out, and streaming live. These options offer excellent direction throughout online live betting.


Which sports allow live betting?

On a variety of sports, live betting is possible. This involves:

  • · Cricket
  • · Tennis
  • · Football
  • · Basketball
  • · Horse Racing
  • · and many other sports available!


Why are live betting websites so prevalent in India?

The ability to formulate forecasting in an immediate fashion is one of live betting's many advantages.


The winning percentage of live betting is typically greater compared to that of pre-match betting due to the fact that we are able to witness the game and place bets instantaneously.


Pre-match bets typically take longer to settle than live bets.


You are not required to wait through the final moments of the game to find out how your bets turned out. Additionally, you can make a lot of live bets on just one match.


You can make an enormous amount of money from live betting if you have a skill for match analysis and call-making during play.


What is Live Betting?

The days when internet betting in India just included placing a wager afterward witnessing the full game to see if you had won the bet are long gone. But the online betting market continues to shift just like the rest of the market.


Nowadays, online live betting is yet another trendy and thrilling component that all professional gamblers admire.


Live Betting

A live bet is set up at any point, both before and after the start of the game. This indicates that you aren't betting on the basic match-winner type of bet. Rather, while the game is still being played, you get to make bets on the several activities that are taking place.


Therefore, live betting not just increases the probability of winning bets, but also extends the types of bets you are able to make on the same game.


Best Live Betting Sites

The majority of betting sites provide excellent and up-to-date live betting services since it grows in prominence in India. However, certain websites are superior to others. By showcasing the finest live betting sites in this section, we intend to assist you in choosing one to sign up with.


Our finest live betting sites in India are listed below.


Top Live Betting Sites in India

Dafabet – India’s best cricket betting site and sportsbook

Betway – excellent options for live betting

Bet365 – alternatives for live streaming are provided

1xBet – an excellent user-friendly live betting interface

Parimatch – a novel live betting website in India

Melbet – offers multiple features for live betting

List of Best live betting sites in India in 2024

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150% Up To ₹30,000!

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150% up to ₹32,000

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100% Up To ₹20,000

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370% up to ₹44,000 + Free Bets!

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100% up to ₹36,000

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Let's examine our top 3 live betting sites deeper.


160% FDB up to 16,000 INR


Dafabet is widely acknowledged as the top cricket betting sites and best live betting venue in India, perhaps even considered the finest, it may pique your curiosity as to why Dafabet has established itself as the foremost destination for live betting in India. 


With the majority of the most popular sports and tournaments available for betting, Dafabet Sports offers a large selection of markets that will normally satisfy bettors. The IPL, EPL, NBA, and many other events are all provided. Bettors will also be impressed by the wide selection of markets available for specific games.


The Sportsbook app from Dafabet features an intuitive interface, excellent visuals, a simple setup procedure, and regular and safe updates. The applications offer the same promotions as the main website.


One of the most crucial aspects of any bookmaker is the odds. High caps and competitive margins make Dafabet a popular choice for experienced players, which is another crucial factor in their ability to attract quality bettors. The more you place bets, the more crucial it is for you to receive the best odds on this betting site. 


Like the majority of betting sites, Dafabet allows customers to combine several choices into a single bet, increasing the odds. The odds increase as you add legs, making this a feature that is rather common in Dafabet sports betting, yet some options may not be merged to create a multi-bet.


A variety of simple-to-bet-on market options are available at Dafabet. It has a comprehensive live betting category. The markets are accessed by selecting the "live" button on the left side of the page, where you can find all current live sporting events and their associated markets with simplicity.


For players from India, Dafabet is perfect. The sportsbook takes Indian Rupees and offers easy deposit options including UPI, debit card, Skrill, VISA, Neteller, and other options available.



Free Bet up to 4,000 INR


One of the most notable live betting sites in India is Betway, which offers a fantastic selection of live sporting events.


Cashout, virtual live feeds, and live streaming are just a few of the various live betting services offered by the sportsbook. With its substantial cashout rewards, Betway provides its players with multiple opportunities to profit from the bets they placed.


For both newbies and experienced bettors equally, Betway is the best place to launch your live betting journey.


Finding your way around is straightforward and comfortable, and the UI is highly intuitive. You are able to depend on quick customer service to point you in the right direction if you ever become confused on the website, which is really unusual.


For players from India, Betway is ideal. The sportsbook takes Indian Rupees and offers easy deposit options including UPI, Bank Cards, Skrill, AstroPay Cards, Netbanking, and Neteller.


Current customers are often provided with additional amazing offers and incentives, while newcomers are welcomed with a bonus of one hundred percent up to 2,500 rupees.


The only thing you have to do to begin betting on Betway is click the button below if you're ready to get started!



Up to 4,000 INR in Bet Credits


We are happy to inform you that looking for a betting site that offers your favorite cricket and football sports is now wrapped up.


There's just one location that is convenient when it comes to live streaming. The site is Bet365.


This worldwide powerhouse is recognized for its exceptional customer service and ground-breaking technologies, and the website raises the standard with its incredible live-streaming feature. You are not going to require a cable TV service if you are connected to this site.


Sign up with Bet365 and begin watching the sports you love through live streaming.


It offers numerous top-notch live streams every day and includes an extensive variety of sports, including cricket, football, tennis, wrestling, and many more.


To take advantage of this service, simply register on the website. Every user who makes a deposit at Bet365 is eligible to watch their preferred games for no cost.


With an excellent bookie, simple deposit options, and superb live betting resources, Bet365 checks every one of the online betting criteria.


The only thing you have to do to begin betting on Bet365 is click the button below if you're ready to get started!


Upsides and Downsides of Live Betting Sites

Live betting, like almost every form of internet betting, has its advantages and disadvantages. In this part, we'll go over some of the upsides and downsides of utilizing live betting services, in order that you can make a wise choice about deciding to play live betting whenever you bet.


 Let's review the upsides and downsides listed below!


Upsides of Live Betting

Enhanced excitement - enjoy the thrill of betting while watching the action!


Quick results - find out the outcome of your bet within minutes.


Expanded betting choices - make predictions as the game progresses.


Abundance of promotions - live betting sites often offer numerous promotions.


Dynamic odds - place bets based on constantly changing live odds!


Live streaming is available on select betting platforms.



Downsides of Live Betting

With a multitude of betting options, there is no ease in spending a greater amount of money than you intended.


In order to make quick live bets, you must have a thorough understanding of the specific sport.


Live betting needs quick decisions, which could be unsuitable to every person's taste.


Finally, after reviewing the upsides and downsides of making use of live betting services, you might have concluded whether live betting is for you. If you're interested in trying live betting, continue to do further research about it.


We'll go over the numerous live betting services available on betting sites.


Features of Live Betting

Many betting sites offer additional options like cashouts, multi-live betting, live streaming, and simulated real-time updates to improve the live betting experience for their customers.


These qualities act as live betting instruments that help us place bets in real-time. Live betting options can increase your chances of winning significantly when used appropriately.


The Features of live betting can increase the enjoyment of live betting.


In this part, we'll go over the different live betting features in great depth and let you know precisely what to look out for when placing live bets.


Live Streaming

You may watch games live and in real-time courtesy of the live streaming option. It's similar to watching sporting events on television. Live streaming allows you to watch the actual game live on your monitor, as compared to in-game statistics and virtual live feeds, which only display figures and graphs.


When you watch live matches online, you are able to make informed live betting selections since you have direct knowledge of what is happening on the field. You can simultaneously view and place bets on live sporting events because of live streaming.


You can simultaneously view and place bets on live sporting events because of live streaming. Obviously, streaming serves multiple purposes outside live betting, such as entertainment and thrill.


You may still watch your preferred sporting event on your betting site if you have no connection to different sports streaming services. 


However, there are definitely several decent live-streaming betting sites that are open to Indian gamers. This option is not offered by many websites due to the monetary and technical barriers of creating a live-streaming platform.


If you’re looking for the best live streaming in India, Dafabet is the best choice for you.


Multi-Live Betting

An excellent live betting option called "Multi-Live Betting" is available on the majority of terrific live betting websites. Multi-Live Betting, as you might have guessed from the name, enables a user to make live bets on multiple live matches.


This somewhat daring live betting feature is provided by betting companies like 1xBet and Betwinner. You can add up to three or four separate live matches on the same window when using Multi-Live Betting.


The Multi-Live Betting feature might be really helpful if you are interested in betting on multiple live games at once. However, managing a lot of live bets at once can be very difficult. Consequently, pay close attention to those statistics in all instances.


Live Betting on Mobile

Who stays on their personal laptops or large computers these days to place live bets on their favorite games? However, since they are swift, handy, and always with us, our favorite way of betting is by means of our handheld devices.


As a result, several live betting sites offer excellent live betting platforms via their smartphone web versions and their specialized smartphone applications. You only need a smartphone or tablet to participate in live betting.


Yet, the live betting service on any betting site tends to be greater on a computer site because of disadvantages such as the inconvenience of using a desktop (not handy) or even the limits of mobile applications.


However, if you're still the type of bettor who just likes to use their handheld devices for betting, we've put together a list of live betting sites that provide the finest mobile experience to its users, regardless of whether it be through mobile-friendly websites or live betting applications.


Best Live Betting Application in India

These are India's top live betting applications. The superb live betting sections in each of these applications enable users of mobile apps to take advantage of the finest live betting services.

Dafabet – excellent live betting platform

Betway – a user-friendly live betting application

1xBet – offers multiple live betting features

If you’re interested in these live betting sites, you may click the button below.


The Cashout feature is an extremely valuable component of live betting that grants you the ability to end your bets and collect your winnings before the event concludes. 


Cashout allows you to receive a payout amount that may be higher or lower than your initial stake, depending on the performance of your bet.


If your bet is performing well and victory seems imminent, you have the option to cash out and secure a profit instead of risking any last-minute setbacks by waiting until the end of the match.


Conversely, if your bet is not performing favorably, you may be given the opportunity to cash out and recover a portion of your money, typically less than your original stake.


Rather than losing your entire wager, cashing out allows you to minimize losses and regain some funds. You may take full control of your live bets using the cashout tool.


Game Statistics

Every live betting service provides a statistical illustration of what is happening in a live match with in-game metrics, which are precisely what they seem like. When you don't have access to the game personally, they are very crucial.


Some websites offer analysis that describes live matches in depth. Additionally, you have the convenience to see broad details like team rosters, face-offs, and the latest forms.


You can become more effective to make precise live forecasts by thoroughly reviewing these statistics.


Important Guidelines for Live Betting Sites

If you're just starting out using live betting platforms for initial trials, take the following pointers into consideration. They can help you optimize your live betting experiences and maximize your profits.


Below are several live betting pointers to keep in mind while you're just starting away!


Try to avoid placing multiple bets at once

A lot of bettors sometimes overdo it and make numerous live bets at once. While a savvy player with extensive live betting expertise might be able to get away with this, we definitely discourage it for newbies who might become overwhelmed and screw up some of their bets.


Be attentive for cashouts

Cashouts give you the option of taking a quick return without running the risk of going through a setback or cutting down on your losses and regaining a part of your initial capital. You must constantly be on your guard for promotions like this because cashout options do not exist while you use live betting sites.


Know your group entirely

Making swift decisions and anticipating different events throughout the game are key components of live betting. Only someone who is an expert in both the teams competing and the sport being played would be able to do this appropriately. Your understanding of each player's abilities will enable you to place more successful live bets and minimize the probability of encountering severe losses.


Be mindful of your spending limit

We usually encourage players to establish a spending limit before they begin any form of online betting. However, it is incredibly simple to put a lot of bets and wind up paying more than you intended to, particularly on live betting platforms. Therefore, only deposit funds that you're eager to invest in that live game.