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Best Indian Betting Exchange Websites

DAFABET - Biggest Sportsbooks In India Not Just For Cricket Betting

160% Up To ₹16,000!


Founded: 2006 


+ 5+ sporting tournaments available on the exchange- Limited number of bonuses
+ Offers a fantastic welcome bonus 
+ Live statistics and alternatives for live streaming 

Dafabet is widely acknowledged as the top betting exchange site and best online cricket betting India, perhaps even considered the finest, it may pique your curiosity as to why Dafabet has established itself as the foremost destination for betting exchange in India. This thorough assessment delves deeply into Dafabet, scrutinizing its extensive range of features, advantages, and disadvantages, and offering a comprehensive summary of the platform.


FUN88 - Betting Exchange Site In India For Most Cricket Betting

300% Up To ₹15,000


Founded: 2009


+ Betfair-powered betting exchange- The web version's user interface must be upgraded


+ Offers a betting exchange mobile application


-Reports of delayed withdrawals


+ Simple mobile UI



When it comes to the Indian market, Fun88 is one of the most well-liked sportsbooks and casinos. The Fun88 India site offers a wide choice of sports for wagering, including cricket, and is fully designed for users in our country.


Moreover, newcomers can take advantage of Fun88's large welcome bonus and frequent promotions. With so many special options to anticipate. You should give Fun88 a try because it could be the best betting site for you.


SATBET - Indian Betting Exchange And Cricket Betting Site

300% Up To ₹10,000


Founded: 2020


+ Offers 7 sports on the exchange site- Withdrawal limits for bonus earnings


+ Immense online casino with more than 5000 games 
+ A standard sportsbook with a good selection 

Considering the newness of Satbet in India, it offers a number of features that any player would like. With a few additional options to add some charisma, Satbet offers players the majority of what they require when getting started with betting in India.


The following are a few of Satbet's top features:

Offers 7 sports on the exchange site

Immense  online casino with more than 5000 games

A standard sportsbook with a good selection of markets

For users who like an exchange with some standard betting, Satbet is the ideal option generally. With the extensive casino component on the betting website, patrons will also be quite satisfied. Along with extra rewards for tournaments and leagues, Satbet also provides an incredibly excellent welcome gift for sports players.


WINDADDY - Cricket Betting And Betting Exchange For Indian Market

100% Up To ₹11,000


Founded: 2020


+ Offers 3 sports on the betting exchange - No exchanges can be made with the welcome bonus


+ Offers more than 30 sports in its decent sportsbook- There aren't any options for horse race betting


+ Offers a weekly special discount for exchange 

Due to a number of its excellent sports betting services and offerings, WinDaddy has amassed an impressive fanbase of bettors in the Indian market. The business's expansive sportsbook and betting exchange, which offers cricket betting alternatives, are its key attractions.


An overview of our WinDaddy review is provided below:

Offers more than 30 sports in its decent sportsbook

A wide variety of perks and promos

Offers 3 sports on the betting exchange 

There aren't any options for horse race betting

No exchanges can be made with the welcome bonus


CRICKEX - Great Cricket Betting Site In India

100% Up To ₹36,000


Founded: 2017


+ Excellent cricket betting exchange application- Limited payment methods
+ Special features including multimarket betting 
+ Live streaming betting exchange 

The top betting exchange, Crickex, is it?


One of the most popular cricket betting exchange websites in India is unquestionably Crickex. 


For players who desire every option, the betting website also provides a standard sportsbook and casinos alongside the betting exchange.


These are Crickex's key features:

Choices for free live streaming

Betfair-powered betting exchange

Excellent betting options

Provide a betting exchange application

Special features including multimarket betting

An ordinary player will be considerably interested in Crickex's features


The Comprehensive Guide to the Betting Exchange

Because you bet against other players rather than the betting exchange, it's a special way to take pleasure in sports betting. As an outcome, players like competing against each other, and the experience is fun and engaging with frequently changing odds.


Nevertheless, betting exchanges are more complicated than traditional betting. Additionally, those new to online betting may find it difficult to figure out how to use betting exchanges. 


TopCricketBettingSite India can help in this situation because we provided the most thorough and in-depth reference to betting exchanges.


This guide includes a brief summary of all the Indian betting exchange websites you can utilize in addition to information regarding how to utilize the exchanges.


What is a Betting Exchange?

It implies when a player bets against another player rather than the bookie. It only means that players can place bets against others who are backing the opposing bet.


For instance, you might bet on the Chennai Super Kings to win a game, while other bettors might bet on the team losing. Due to this, bettors who placed the opposite bet would have an advantage over you.


Since bookmakers lose profit if the bettors lose, the bookie usually takes an insignificant percentage of the returns when they utilize a betting exchange. The cash you place down will end up in the opponents' wallets who bet against you if you lose.


How Do Sportsbook Exchanges Work?

A lay bet, often known as lay betting, is probably the most distinctive aspect of a betting exchange. Laying refers to betting for an outcome to lose. Let's take a closer look at the same scenario once more: you might bet on the Delhi Capitals to lose a game rather than betting on them to win.


Therefore, there are basically two types of bets available on a betting exchange:


  • Backing a bet - entails placing a bet on the outcome of an occurrence.
  • Laying a bet - refers to when you are betting against the outcome of the occurrence.


Let's consider the Punjab Kings team as an example once more: if one bettor bets a thousand rupees on Punjab Kings to take the game, while another bettor has to place on Punjab Kings to lose the game. 


You stand to take home the money of another bettor who placed the bet against your team (your preferred team to win) if the game is won or tied.


The majority of individuals adore the flexibility of a betting exchange since a bookie has no way to prevent you from making any bets for as long as there is someone betting against you.


Let's expose each of the Indian betting exchange sites as we examine the advantages and disadvantages of betting exchanges in more depth in the next parts.


List of Indian betting exchange websites


One of the most prominent betting exchange websites in the whole country is Dafabet, which has an appealing user experience and many advantages that entice users. With live statistics and streaming live selections. Dafabet provides a fantastic betting exchange. This site is also one of the top cricket betting sites to play in. 


Dafabet also offers a very easy-to-use mobile experience, including an iOS and Android application and a website for mobile devices that is decently optimized.


Take a closer look at the Dafabet betting exchange here:

Offers a fantastic welcome bonus

A betting exchange service that is mobile adaptive

The betting exchange website features more than five sports

Live statistics and alternatives for live streaming

Offers simple wagering requirements 



Fun88 emerged as one of the earliest and is now one of the renowned exchange betting sites in India. Because Betfair powers the betting exchange offered on Fun88, it provides an authentic betting exchange service.


The betting exchange services are available to users on smartphones because of Fun88's excellent mobile site and application.


Take a closer look at the Fun88 betting exchange here:

The most prevalent sports on the betting exchange include football, cricket, and other athletic events

Simple mobile user interface

There is also a betting exchange application visible

There are numerous simple withdrawals and deposits alternatives

All prospective players receive an enormous welcome bonus



A novel betting exchange website on the Indian market, Satbet isn't able to offer any services that a more widely recognized bookmaker could. Although Satbet is mostly known for its excellent betting exchange, it also offers additional options that will pique players' interest.


The small standard bookie and the sizable online casino are designed for players who wish to try to dabble in everything. 


Take a closer look at the Satbet betting exchange here:

Offers 7 sports on the exchange site

Immensive online casino with more than 5000 games

I5 sports within a small sportsbook

An easy-to-use betting exchange

Low rollover criteria for bonuses



A reputable and trustworthy betting site called WinDaddy offers a sizable bookie together with a betting exchange. Even though there are just 3 sports available on the WinDaddy exchange, we discovered that their bookie and casino provide an abundance of betting choices that more than makeup for the absence.


WinDaddy offers newcomers an excellent welcome package as well as a smartphone application, which is exceptionally well-suited for those using Android phones.


Take a closer look at the WinDaddy betting exchange here:

A betting exchange with three sports to choose from

Special features include "1-Click Bet"

Over 30 sports are offered by the standard bookie

Weekly returns on exchange bets

There is no exchange for the welcome bonus



For individuals looking for a betting exchange experience, Crickex serves as one of the most recent betting exchange websites in India. It has a betting exchange run by Betfair, similar to Fun88.


Crickex offers a wide range of betting options, from a standard bookmaker to a casino area with several games.


Take a closer look at the Crickex betting exchange here:

Comes with a fantastic betting exchange run by Betfair

The exchange offers free live-streaming choices

Parlay bets, multimarket bets, and others

An excellent application for betting exchanges

Welcome bonuses are not exist


Characteristics of Betting Exchange Websites

In order to rate and evaluate betting exchange websites for you, players, we frequently put into account the following qualities. You can quickly figure out which websites or applications are worthwhile investing both time and money. if you begin to recognize these variables along with how every betting exchange website works against them.


Features of Betting Exchanges

Bonuses Offered

Perhaps the most significant and eye-catching aspect of a betting exchange website is the welcome package it offers to newcomers. You might have an enjoyable betting session with the help of suitable bonus offers.


When searching for bonus offers on betting exchange websites, we attempt to guarantee that the site has an enticing sports bonus that is also available for betting exchange.


Varieties of Betting

Even if holding a betting exchange serves as quite solid proof that there are many different types of bets, we still search for extra betting options when evaluating a bookie. Since traditional betting markets with odds offered by the bookies have distinctive experiences, we normally favor betting exchange sites that also offer them.


In order to prevent players from feeling constrained while placing bets on their preferred sports, we also provide better ratings to betting exchange websites that offer a big selection of sports betting possibilities.


Mobile Service

The majority of those players prefer to utilize portable devices in a betting market. As a result, the top betting exchange websites typically offer a fantastic mobile interface.


If we say "excellent mobile experience," we indicate that players need to be capable of quickly accessing every attribute that their device usually comes across on an online platform, either on a betting exchange mobile website or via a betting exchange application.


Naturally, betting exchange apps often excel at the mobile experience, but some reputable mobile-friendly websites can also deliver an excellent one.


Payment Methods

The transmission of money from your savings account to the betting accounts serves as one of the most important aspects of every sort of betting. You might need to make several payments in order to maintain placing various types of bets, particularly for odds that are as unpredictable and rapidly changing as those that exist on a betting exchange.


Utilizing betting exchange websites that not solely offer a variety of payment alternatives but also quickly deposit money into your account will make everything simpler.


Betting Experience

You can wonder whether the betting experience varies based on the wide range of betting or the mobile experiences. The betting selection, on the other hand, describes the sports that are available on a betting exchange site, while the mobile experience discusses the components of a site that are compatible with handheld devices. 


For instance, looking for the best cricket betting site is necessary, if you’re interested in a particular sport to place a bet. At the same time, the experience is both enjoyable and thrilling. 


If you would like to have the best betting experience, have a look at some of the upsides that a betting exchange site provides to its users. 


For instance, looking for a top cricket betting India, a betting site should provide live streaming options that profit more than one that does not. 


The notion that betting exchange sites run successfully based on their history and betting experience has been established through analysis and reviews.


What Makes Betting Exchange Sites Useful?

The advantages of making use of betting exchanges over typical sportsbook bets are going to be covered in this part. Although betting exchanges offer an extremely distinctive experience, you can only determine if you are interested in it after considering the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing them.


Upsides of Betting Exchange Sites

There are additional options with betting exchanges.

More varieties of bets can be made by players on betting exchanges. This is due to the fact that players aren't always required to rely on the bookies to offer odds for a particular bet. The only thing a player needs when attempting to place a bet is that the bookie may refuse to locate an opponent who is going to play over them.


Consequently, there is a player who is willing to place a bet over them, a person who has a greater preference when it comes to selecting the type of bets they'll place.


The odds are better in betting exchanges.

Since the bookie sets the odds in standard online betting, only certain betting sites are obligated to offer you the biggest or best odds. On betting exchanges, however, the odds are influenced by multiple players who place various bets simultaneously. 


This implies that compared to standard betting markets, betting exchanges typically offer better odds.


You have greater flexibility using betting exchanges.

Players have a lot of alternatives to choose from when it pertains to adjusting their bets or odds based on the manner in which the game is taking action because odds on betting exchanges change quite frequently.


Therefore, if you bet on a team that continues to appear to keep losing as the game goes on, you may simply cash out and place a bet on them. Most traditional bookies do not offer this kind of flexibility.


Downsides of Betting Exchange Sites

For newcomers, betting exchange websites are too complex.

Although betting exchanges are an abundance of excitement for pro players and newcomers, they may find them to be too overwhelming. Experts advise using traditional bookies if you're not particularly good at analyzing betting odds or have only recently begun out with online betting. 


This is due to the fact that you may place bets days before the game really begins. On the flip side, newcomers may frequently find the real-time fluctuation of betting markets to be overwhelming.

Sports are limited on betting exchange websites.

The limited selection of events that you may place on betting exchanges is another disadvantage. Betting exchanges frequently only cover major sports like cricket, tennis, or football. 


However, horse racing, e-sports, and even kabaddi, which could be a lesser-known sport but continually retains its ability to captivate a lot of players, these sports are not frequently offered on betting exchanges. 


How to Utilize a Betting Exchange Website?

We'll walk you through using betting exchange websites sequentially in this part of the guide. These are the directions required to utilize betting exchange websites, beginning with making a new account on the site and ending with putting bets on the exchange.


Betting Exchange Sites - 3-Step Guide!

Join an online betting exchange

Finding an application or website that offers a betting exchange and signing up at the first stage of using one. Here are a few of the top betting sites with betting exchanges, as was previously mentioned:

  • Dafabet
  • Fun88
  • Satbet
  • WinDaddy
  • Crickex

Register on a betting exchange website. While the process for signing up may vary from betting site to betting site, it frequently calls for you to enter a password, username, and other private data.


To ensure that you may access your betting exchange account afterward, be cautious to meticulously input your information.


Make a deposit and redeem any bonuses


Anyone is allowed to add funds to their betting exchange account after registering. You can discover the following forms of payment on these websites as some of the more popular ones:


  • UPI
  • Neteller
  • Google Pay
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Paytm
  • Skrill
  • Indian Netbanking
  • PhonePe

After making a deposit, you ought to verify to see if you have a welcome bonus available to redeem; most websites do. Once you've claimed the bonus, you may begin betting with more cash.


On the betting exchange, you can place bets


Now that your account is funded, you may begin using the betting exchange. Knowing the betting exchange that is offered on the betting website or application is the fundamental and most important phase.


The next thing you should do is verify the betting exchange's sports betting markets. You may make bets on any actual matches that are currently taking place for every sport. You can select which match you're most interested in selecting this list.


When you launch the game, you can observe the several types of bets you can place on it. You have the choice of laying or backing on every sort of bet. You may alter the odds on the betting slip based on the choice you made.


Put as many bets as you'd like and enter your stake.


Betting Exchange Applications

Additionally, betting exchanges can be accessed using applications for smartphones. You have the option to make use of betting exchange applications alongside websites, though we typically advise sticking with websites when you're curious about betting exchanges.


Fortunately, all of the top betting sites offer betting exchange applications as well. These are India's most popular three betting exchange applications.


India’s Top 3 Betting Exchange Applications


Dafabet App

The top exchange application

5+ sporting tournaments available on the exchange

Live statistics and alternatives for live streaming

Available in Desktop application

One of the best betting exchanges in India


Fun88 App

Second best exchange application

Betfair-powered betting exchange

Numerous regular promotions

The betting exchange application has an excellent UI

Speedy withdrawals


Satbet App

Third-best exchange application

A well-optimized betting exchange app for Android phones

Excellent welcome bonus for newcomers

7 sporting tournaments available on the exchange

A standard bookmaker with a good selection


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal betting exchange?

It is rare to discover a betting site that is genuine to offer a betting exchange. On the flip side, if a bettor is interested in placing bets through exchanges, they may select from at least three exceptional betting exchange sites. 


After analyzing the half-dozen betting exchanges promoted in the Indian market. Therefore, the top betting exchange websites in this country have been chosen by the betting expert. 


Best Indian betting exchange sites:

  1. Dafabet
  2. Fun88
  3. Seatbelt
  4. WinDaddy
  5. Crickex

In India, are betting exchanges permitted?

The short answer is yes. In India, betting exchange websites are allowed. This is due to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is abided by in the majority of India, not forbidding any form of internet betting, which includes betting exchange websites.


How do betting exchanges work?

In lieu of betting against an online bookmaker, players can place bets against one another on betting exchanges. There are two distinct bet forms that gamblers can place: lay bets and back bets.


When players back a bet, they are placing a wager on what will occur. On the contrary, placing a bet denotes a bet in opposing the potential outcome (not to occur). For instance, in online cricket betting, a bettor is free to place four types of bets on a match-up between the Lucknow Super Giants and Mumbai Indians. 


  • Option 1: Lucknow Super Giants will win the game
  • Option 2: Lucknow Super Giants will lose the game
  • Option 3: Mumbai Indians will win the game
  • Option 4: Mumbai Indians will lose the game

The betting exchange provides more fluctuation but better odds as a result of this peculiarity of laying and backing bets.


Is it better to use a betting exchange?

Betting exchanges are different compared to standard betting in that they have both upsides and downsides. 


Here are advantages and disadvantages of utilizing betting exchanges are listed below:


Betting exchanges offer you access to a wider variety of bets

Compared to traditional bookies, betting exchanges provide higher odds, but the bookie will deduct just a small portion from what you've earned

The types of bets you can place are more flexible with betting exchanges

Betting exchanges are somewhat difficult for newcomers

Sports betting markets on betting exchanges are quite small