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Best Sites with Free Bets in India 2024

You plan to start betting without risk and obtain some fantastic free bets. If so, you've found the best site.


Top cricket betting sites India is committed to tour you to the most fascinating free bets. You will learn everything there is to know regarding free bets and how to utilize them to reduce the risk you will face and boost the value of your winnings.


The purpose of this posting is to compile the entire India's top free bets in one place.


In India, there are few free bets visible, especially on the best cricket betting site. Finding them is the toughest challenge.


A listing of a few of the top free bet bonuses for new players available in India can be found here. Check this!

List of betting sites with free bets in India in 2024

160% up to ₹16,000!

15x bonus amount


Bonus Up To ₹9,000

5x bonus amount


100% Up To ₹10,000

5x bonus amount


360% up to ₹11,000 turnover x500

No Requirements


150% Up To ₹30,000!

16x bonus amount


150% up to ₹32,000

7x bonus amount


100% Up To ₹20,000

5x bonus amount


370% up to ₹44,000 + Free Bets!

15x bonus amount


100% up to ₹36,000

15x bonus amount


Welcome offers like free bets are provided exclusively to new players who register and deposit for the first time on the betting site.


Each free bet comes with its own unique characteristics. Some are substantial, while others are more modest. Certain free bets may have wagering requirements, while others might not.


The availability of free bets is constantly evolving. Online cricket betting sites frequently update their welcome bonuses and free bet offers. Rest assured, we strive to ensure this page is always up-to-date with the latest and most current free bet promotions.


Which free bet stands out as the top choice right now? In our view, Bet365 offers some of the most exceptional free bets - and we're eager to share all the details with you.


Best Free Bet in India

Bet365 presents an exciting offer for all new Indian players, granting them a free bet worth up to Rs. 2,000. This particular free bet opportunity stands out as one of the best available, providing an excellent kickstart on the world's largest betting site: Bet365.


Acquiring the free bet on Bet365 is a breeze, and we'll guide you through the process step by step:


  1. Click the "Claim Free Bet".
  2. Create your Bet365 account.
  3. Make a deposit using one of the convenient deposit methods.
  4. Place a bet with the amount you deposited.
  5. Once your bet is settled, you'll receive the same amount in free bets, courtesy of Bet365!


Obtaining a free bet on Bet365 is straightforward - simply place a bet, and they will match it with free bet credits of the same value.


However, it's crucial to be aware of the following terms and conditions:


  • This offer is exclusively available to new players on Bet365.
  • To qualify for the free bet, you must deposit a minimum of 400 INR.
  • Wait for your bet of at least 400 INR to be settled before receiving your free bet.
  • You can receive up to 2,000 INR in total.


Keep in mind that on Bet365, free bets are referred to as "bet credits," but they essentially function as regular free bets.

How Do Free Bets Work?

What is a free bet?

A free bet is precisely what its name suggests: an opportunity to put down money of one's own with no risk. We'll provide you with an example: You receive a free bet worth 100 rupees from a betting platform.


This bet can be used to make a wager on any sport or event of your preference. You are able to use free bets on any kind of game, including football, cricket, and others. 


Consider placing your free bet on the top cricket betting sites, where the game features the Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals in the IPL. You bet on Gujarat to defeat Delhi at odds of 1.5. This implies that you will make 500 INR in return if your free bet wins.


The result of the match is Gujarat defeating Delhi. 500 INR will immediately be added to your betting account. You will not receive the 1,000 INR initial free bet amount.


Without putting all of your personal money in trouble, you earned a good profit of 500 INR. This is the way a free bet operates in cricket betting.


Wagering Requirements for Free Bets

You inquire about the wagering requirements. 


On the sum of cash, you have won from a free bet, a few bookmakers have a wagering requirement. This implies that before you are allowed to transfer your 500 rupee earnings to your private account, it must be wagered a particular number of times.


Let's assume for the purposes of this example that the wagering requirement is five times with a minimum odds of 1.40 over a period of thirty days.


You have to risk your 500 INR and earn it again three times, in other words. The money must be staked on games that have fixed odds of 1.40 or greater.


You have an aggregate of thirty days in which to fulfill the wagering requirements at this point. You will increase your own income as you fulfill your wagering obligation.


So since you are aware of what a free bet is and how to utilize it, you may be wondering how to get one.


There are many various free bet options, and we'll examine each of these below


How to Obtain Free Bets in India


There are two ways to obtain free bets.

  • As a complimentary gift to first-time players
  • As an incentive for current players


Welcome Bonus for Free Bets

When a player registers for a new account on an online betting site along with the initial deposit, the betting site offers a free bet welcome offer. The sum that the player deposits frequently impacts the monetary worth of the free bet.


The majority of sportsbooks will offer free bets equal to the amount of the player's initial deposit. Therefore, if you deposit five thousand rupees, you will also receive the same amount of rupee bonus bet.


Receiving a free bet welcome bonus is an excellent opportunity as it enables you to test a specific betting site without putting your own funds at stake.


Once you've utilized the free bet, if you find that the betting site isn't to your liking, you have the freedom to withdraw your initial deposit. It's a way to venture into the world of betting with minimal risk, allowing you to dip your toe in and explore without committing too much of your own money.


We strongly advise starting out with a free bet welcome bonus, if you desire to experience online betting. One of the finest ways to begin is with this.


Regrettably, the process of discovering a free bet welcome bonus can be quite laborious. It involves going through each individual betting site, meticulously scouring their promotions pages in search of free bet bonuses, and investing considerable time reading through the associated terms and conditions.


Luckily, we've simplified things for you by putting together a comprehensive list of the finest free bets accessible when you sign up with a new betting site. This compilation offers Indian players an excellent overview of all the top-notch free bet welcome bonuses out there. Take a moment to explore the options and pick the one that suits you best.


If you're eager to start online betting but concerned about potential losses, fret not! Free bets provide the ideal solution to kickstart your betting journey without putting any of your hard-earned money at risk. It's an incredible opportunity to make your initial bet with certainty.


Existing Players Get Free Bets

Welcome bonuses that include free bets are excellent since they let you start your betting business without taking any risks, which are only found at top cricket betting India. They do have certain limits, though.


These welcome bonuses are a one-time opportunity, meaning once you've used them, you won't get another chance. This might disappoint those who regularly enjoy using free bets.


However, there's good news! Several betting sites generously provide free bets regularly to their existing and loyal players. Some sites do it weekly on specific days, while others offer them when players fulfill certain requirements. It's always a delightful experience to receive free bets, and we encourage you to join a betting site where you can relish free bet offers repeatedly.


Numerous betting sites reward their active players with free bets weekly, and some even do it on a daily basis. Here is an array of the latest free bet deals that you can make the most of

If you routinely make use of free bets, we recommend joining any of the betting sites that are running these kinds of deals because they typically offer them on a regular basis.


Free Bets for Live Betting

Exciting news for live betting and free bet enthusiasts! Now, you can blend your two passions with an amazing promotion that rewards you with free bets while live betting. This amazing feature can also be found in online cricket betting India.


Introducing ComeOn!'s latest offer, the Free Bet Club, where you can unlock exclusive free bets every week. We'll provide you with all the details on how to become a member and start earning those fantastic free bets.


Sign in at the Free Bet Club

Participate in the Free Bet Club by following these easy steps:

Sign up for a ComeOn! Account.

Deposit funds into your new betting account.

Navigate to the promotions menu and locate the "Free Bet Club" option. Click on "Join Now."

Congratulations! You're now a member of the free bet club and can start enjoying its exclusive benefits.


Free Bets For Cricket

There are several cricket-free bets available at the best cricket betting site, which will make you pleased if you love to wager on the sport as everyone else in India does. 


You can place money on your preferred sport without risking anything by using a cricket-free bet. Since cricket is one of the most renowned sports in India, all betting companies make a concerted effort to entice Indian players by providing an abundance of amazing free bets on the game. This is how amazing free bets are in the aspect of online cricket betting.


Cricket-free bets are constantly fluctuating, but you can generally find a ton of them when major cricket tournaments, like the Indian Premier League, the Cricket World Cup, and so forth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free bets in India?

Both newcomers and regulars receive free bets, as welcome bonuses for new ones and other forms of reward for old ones. Joining a betting service that offers free bets as a welcome bonus is the fastest and easiest way of getting a grip on a free bet.


Are free bets truly offered free?

Before you use your free bet, several betting sites ask that you must deposit money and place a bet.


So even though the free bet is free, you still need to place a little wager with your own funds first to establish a modest financial commitment.


Where can I usually find free bets?

Some betting sites regularly offer free bets to their loyal players. Betway is an example of a betting site known for its generosity in providing free bets.


You should sojourn in Betway if you're interested in free bets on a weekly basis.


Can I keep my winnings from a free bet if I earn money on it?

In most circumstances, you are eligible to keep the winnings from a free bet.


However, in certain situations, you would need to fulfill a minimal wagering requirement before you can keep the money. 


Choose a free bet, and get started now!

You're ready to start betting since you are fully informed on the best free bets available in India.


Choose any of the amazing free bets and welcome bonuses listed below and start quickly.