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The Current Kings of Cricket: 2024’s Standout Players

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The cricket online betting sites for India understand how tough it is to compare batting brilliance to bowling prowess. Can an IPL-winning 70 be valued in the same way as a five-wicket Test haul? It’s a challenge we had to make with this ranking! We ensured that we struck a balance between recent form and a player’s overall record. 

We have been over all formats; Test, ODI, and T20. Yes, we have considered all formats when possible, so we have not put undue weight on white-ball performances by T20 specialists but have also not entirely dismissed recent good form.

All-rounders are a special breed. We have included several all-rounders in this list as they can swing a game with both bat and ball. Of course, a T20 finisher who never bowls or a Test match pace bowler is also a specialist. 

Statistics help, but there is always going to be some subjective interference in such lists. It is possible that a list of the world’s top 7 cricketers right now may not include the reader’s favorite. TopCricketBettingSite acknowledges this, but here is our list!

Top #7 – Joe Root 

Even though Joe Root, England’s batting juggernaut, has been out of form recently, he remains a strong performer. He is ranked third in the Test batting rankings and still excels at white-ball cricket. 

Root’s unbeaten 158 in Ranchi may be his biggest score yet, despite his impressive record of 46 international centuries and an average of around 50 in both Tests and ODIs. Root has over 11,600 Test runs and, at 33, is on track to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s all-time Test run total.

Top #6 – Pat Cummins

For Pat Cummin, 2023 was a dreamy year, winning the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year award; he led Australia to retain the Ashes as well as win the World Test Championship, and then crowned it all with a World Cup win; he even bowled spectacularly in the final. 

Moreover, he isn’t only a specialist bowler; Cummins wields the bat low too, and his leadership is promising. It all paid off, and he was awarded the second-highest-paid player ever bought in the IPL auction!

Top #5 – Yashasvi Jaiswal 

Yashasvi Jaiswal is a talented young Indian cricketer who is now making headlines across the world. His double centuries against England were not just the number of runs, but the way he made them. 

Jaiswal can be aggressive when he is up against new bowlers and, when the occasion demands, he can be patient. More importantly, he possesses the skill to show why he was once a king in the shorter forms of the game. At only 22, the glimpses of his record-breaking being in the IPL suggest that he is now a player who is capable of delivering in all types of cricket formats.

Top #4 – Rachin Ravindra 

The fantastic newcomer Rachin Ravindra is another young player to make a bright appearance in cricket after Yashasvi Jaiswal. He has shown some spectacular results during the World Cup, and now, he continues to shine in the Test series against South Africa. 

The player can show good results with his bat as well as with the ball, and his young age perfectly means that Ravindra’s best time is in the future. If this player can improve and polish his skills, he will become a valuable team member for New Zealand in all types of games.

Top #3 – Heinrich Klaasen 

Was it right to select Heinrich Klaasen that high in the batting order, considering he has such limited Test exposure? Maybe the level to which his white-ball form rises puts him high enough in strong batting orders.

Klaasen has the second-fastest strike rate in IPL history. He is also the only member of the top 13 ODI batsmen by rate to average 40-plus – every other player in the group has an average of 30 to 35 per dismissal. Perhaps this is why the Pretoria product is so feared: he is excellent at wiping out bowling physiques, particularly in the middle stints and at the end, and he is destined to be a T20 great.

Top #2 – Jasprit Bumrah

Forget who’s the best bowler, Jasprit Bumrah is just the guy you’d want on your team. No matter the situation, whether it’s the very first test over or the final white-ball match, Bumrah is your go-to bowler. His bowling style is difficult to cope with for any batter. 

A very short run-up culminates in an unusual, jerky action that generates amazing angles, making it difficult to ‘pick’ his bowling. He can swing and seam the ball conventionally when the conditions suit, and he has a savage bouncer and some of the deadliest yorkers in the game.

Top #1 – Ravindra Jadeja

At the top of the Test all-rounder rankings, dominating the game like no other is a cricketer that excels in all aspects. Not only does Ravindra Jadeja hold a bat exceptionally well in all the formats, but he is among the best spinners in the world. He is brilliant at attacking the pitch at home and has proved to be reliable overseas as well. Last but not least, Jadeja gives everything on the field and catches or stumps all the balls. 

Indeed, Jadeja is one of those rare players who can serve as a reliable all-rounder for his team. His game performance shows it all, and even though his batting could be the only viable reason for his average being above the levels that a regular all-rounder would have, this fact cannot change the significance of his role for the game. It may be not Jadeja’s time for the bowling rounds with Ashwin’s performance exceeding all possible expectations there, or it may be not his chance to get to the first place among top scorers beside Kohli; yet, this super competitive player can do it all.


To sum up, 2024 has seemingly become quite a year full of triumph and victory for the cricket elite. No doubt, the unbiased and skillful game on the part of all representatives of the cricket world has been noted. Moreover, with the appearance of India’s cricket top betting online, it seems that people can now witness the extent of cricket’s popularity.

What is more, Having a Look at the Most Popular Regions for the Loved Game has exemplified that the sport is more than a game to many individuals. Instead, it is a livelihood that is treated with the awe and admiration it deserves.