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Lesson from the Stands: How Cricket Stadiums Inform Product Management Strategies

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The attendance of Test cricket is declining, especially in India; however, many people attribute it to the slow pace of the game and the decreasing length of attention due to T20. We think the real problem might be a poor experience for the fans. 

They have attended the stadium several times with friends and families and encountered quite a few issues throughout the whole journey. 

In this blog, we compare them to those that any product manager runs into and stress the importance of the user experience in creating something people want. Despite the popularity of cricket in India, surely issues will arise regarding the in-person experience of watching this sport.

At TopCricketBettingSite, we are more than just comparing the best cricket betting sites in India; our job also provides you with some information about the issues around cricket, just like we will discuss here.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the pain points for Indian fans going to a Test match.

Picking Up Physical Tickets and Entry & Exit Delays

The current process for booking tickets for BCCI matches is a pain point for fans in the digital age. Firstly, potentially forcing fans to pick up physical tickets is an unnecessary inconvenience from the get-go. This should be an easy fix and something that can be changed, particularly for the BCCI. 

However, the most significant issue is the entry and exit of the stadium. Given the lines, which are both caused by the flow of people and the security checks, fans must attend hours before the start of the match to secure a good seat. 

Additionally, the lack of parking space near Indian stadiums means that most attendees must arrive by using public or private transport, which only increases the time of departure due to the crowds. While security is a good thing, the BCCI should strike a balance between protecting their fans and making it a very big nuisance.

Discomfort, Inconvenience, and Lack of Amenities

Overall, the stadium experience is disappointing. First, one cannot sit there for a long time as there is no way to be comfortable. The best view is limited by a barbed wire fence and TV cameras. Moreover, there are no ways to buy food or drinks. 

First, people are not allowed to walk with them inside, and second, there are not so many options on the counter. The food is also expensive but unhealthy. It is a huge issue if we are talking about long matches, such as ODIs and T20s. 

Finally, the toilet is in such an awful state that there may be no worse place in the city. It is inconvenient to leave the kids at all, and the fans do not feel grateful if they have to go through this.

Why User Experience Matters Like Stadium Amenities?

We see that fan frustration at the stadium is used to compare it to the work of product management. Some die-hard fans will continue to attend the matches, even though there are some inconveniences around the place. 

These fans can be compared to the users of the products that tend to have loyal followers due to the time spent on the market or because the product is very different from others. We believe, however, that product managers can make mistakes and attempt to concentrate only on roadmaps and additional solutions without paying attention to the user experience.

Prioritizing Features Over Needs

Most tech products today are not user-feedback-oriented. Companies may not listen to user concerns or provide ways for them to express themselves. This may become a glaring issue that occurs even with big companies that have all the resources because some of them wrongly start building features before they understand what their users need. 

In B2B, companies may just take their loyal users for granted, assuming they have nowhere else to go; however, this is how they turn the very loyal customer into a critic.

The Best Customers Can Backfire

Loyal vocal users can be your greatest asset and worst critic. In both B2B and B2C products, ignoring their feedback can cause mass public dissatisfaction and churn, even if switching is lumpier. Since these users are with the product for an extended duration, they have a heightened emotional attachment, and they lose their patience quickly. 

Just like fans who will abandon the sport of Test Cricket for more fast-paced entertainment, loyal users may switch to something that seems like a less competitive product but is better for their use case. Companies must keep in touch with their most loyal users and strive to keep improving the user experience to help prevent churn in the customer base.


To sum up, while the decline in test cricket attendance can be seen as a fatal heart attack for the game, the post-mortem will likely show a different cause: a poor fan experience at the stadium.

From inconvenient ticket procedures to a lack of basic amenities, the status quo does not serve the fans well and does not make them want to return. Here at TopCricketBettingSite, we’re passionate about all things cricket, and that includes advocating for an improved fan experience. 

While we offer reviews and comparisons of the best cricket betting sites in India, we believe that a good user experience is paramount to keeping fans interested in the game they love so much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is user experience (UX) important for products?

The user experience is one of the most important things about products. It defines how satisfied customers are and how likely they are to stay to use the product. When thinking about it, one can imagine cricket fans leaving the stadiums. 

At the same time, users leave a product, not the brick-and-mortar store of a company. It can happen when the product has poor usability, lacks key functionality, is not pleasant to use, etc. Therefore, the focus on appealing to the user is destined to satisfy his or her needs and keep them using the product.

How can companies avoid losing loyal customers?

Businesses should listen to the voice of the user and prioritize changes that cater to current and potential users. Retained users should be looked after and not neglected; otherwise, they might become disgruntled users who churn. The major way by which a business can retain its users and not lose them to its competitors is by making them satisfied.

What can cricket organizers learn from this about Test cricket attendance?

In response to lower attendance at Test cricket matches, new ideas are proposed to improve the overall fan experience provided. For instance, online ticketing could be implemented to avoid the issue of having physical tickets. Also, the entrance and exit could be made more efficient with express lanes, and stadium facilities can be renovated for better and more comfortable seating, wider sightlines, and appropriate conditions, as well as the implementation of more amenities. 

Finally, food and drinks could also be improved—the former by allowing fans to bring their food and the latter by providing healthier and more affordable options and/or increasing the variety of choices.