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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 POST MATCH – India vs Netherlands

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India extended their fantastic run by beating the Netherlands comfortably in the 45th game of the ICC World Cup. Choosing to bat first, the Dutch faced a formidable goal of 411 runs, and despite Teja Nidamanuru’s courageous 54, the Dutch were knocked out for 250. India’s batsmen were KL Rahul (102 off 64 balls) and Shreyas Iyer (128 off 94 balls).

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Quick Recap: India vs Netherlands 

The M’s beating, expanding, and joyful wave of blue Chinnaswamy arena was only shattered by a speck of vivid orange and daring. Rohit Sharma and company marked Deepavali in the same way that they began their league tasks in this World Cup—with a smash.

On Saturday night, the home team started off the celebrations with a gathering of relatives and staff members.

Their final league game against the Netherlands appeared to be a small scratch on the calendar. It was ultimately that, as they stretched their win streak to 160 runs against the Dutch.

Going into the match with the same roster was the perfect chance for the visitors to get some playing experience following a six-day layoff before Wednesday’s semi-final against New Zealand.

Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul Shine with Centuries to Propel India to 410/4

The first three batsmen—Rohit Sharma (61 off 54), Virat Kohli (51 off 56), and Shubman Gill (51 off 32)—all scored half-hundreds, with Shreyas Iyer (128 off 94) and KL Rahul (102 off 64) also hitting centuries.

The audience celebrated when Gill pulled out as the expectation of Kohli’s 50th ODI century weighed heavily in the atmosphere. However, it was Iyer and

Rahul, a native talent, dominated the show.

With India reaching 410/4, the pursuit was always going to be difficult for the Netherlands, but they battled hard to get 250 in 47.5 overs. Max O’Dowd (30 off 42), Sybrand Engelbrecht (45 off 80), Colin Ackermann (35 off 32), and Teja Nidamanuru (54 off 39) showed tenacity and passion.

The Dutchman pushed the Indian bowling unit to the test like no other side in the league stages. India was forced to bowl in three previous matches.

Earlier, it was all Iyer-Rahul as the tandem destroyed the Dutch bowling attack, scoring 126 runs in their final 10 overs. Earlier, Rohit and Gill showed flashes of greatness but didn’t go as far as they could have. The Netherlands chose to start with spinner Aryan Dutt, but this had little impact on the openers’ objective.

The Netherlands Shows Tenacity in Pursuit but Fall Short

In the opening over, Rohit got right to work, hitting two boundaries over onto the reverse square leg. Dutt’s effort to change the pitch and pace backfired against him, as he was ripped away by Rohit and Gill, the latter consuming the off-spinner on the stadium’s roof early in the innings.

India reached 73 in eight overs and 100 in 11.4 overs.

Gill was the first to leave, with his draw off Paul van Meekeren beautifully pouched by Nidamanuru on the lines. Rohit arrived shortly after his half-century.

The captain delayed his draw drive from Bas de Leede and was caught by Wesley Barresi at deep midwicket.

Kohli, who batted to loud applause, battled but hurried. He wasn’t as smooth as the openers, but he capitalized on steam. 

Roelof van der Merwe terminated Kohli’s time at the crease when he attempted to cut a long ball but allowed it to glide past and unsettle the wood. With nothing to risk, the Netherlands did not waste time returning for the pursuit. They relied on creating a terrific performance.

Player of the Match: Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer would do another movement at the non-striker’s end of his frantic 128 off 94 balls. It involved shadow batting but with an added element to it. He’d strike the bat, bring it up, and peek above his shoulder to make sure it was perpendicular to the ground instead of vertically below his shoulders, as it had been since the World Cup started. 

He’d then begin his downward bat sway, as if taking a short ball, focusing on whether the bat came down straight to his forehead. He kept doing this motion until the conclusion of the inning.

Score: India v Netherlands 

India410/450 overs
Netherlands 25047.5 overs
India won by 160 runs

India’s spotless record continues with a dominant ninth consecutive victory, underscoring their reign in the tournament.

The team’s success is a result of an effective combination of teamwork and excellent individual endeavors. The batters, particularly Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul, demonstrated adaptability over a variety of bowlers.

Their collaboration, which was especially efficient against pacemakers, was essential to India’s incredible total.

The fantasy run not only showcases their cricketing brilliance, but also sets the stage for a high-stakes match against the Kiwis, in which India hopes to extend their World Cup winning streak.

The final four schedules have been completed, with India facing New Zealand in Mumbai on Wednesday and Australia facing South Africa in Kolkata on the next day.

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